ACCESS Operations operates an ACCESS InCommon Identity Provider (idp.access-ci.org) similar to the XSEDE InCommon Identity Provider (idp.xsede.org) that was previously operated by XSEDE Operations. The ACCESS IdP:

  • appears as “ACCESS CI (XSEDE)” in the list at cilogon.org, similar to how idp.xsede.org previously appeared as “XSEDE”.
  • uses the same usernames and passwords as idp.xsede.org and the same Duo MFA configuration.
  • operates under the same privacy and security policies as idp.xsede.org.
  • asserts eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN) values of username@access-ci.org.

username@access-ci.org from idp.access-ci.org is the same person as username@xsede.org from idp.xsede.org (i.e., the same username@TERAGRID.ORG Kerberos principal).

For InCommon SAML SPs

The SAML metadata for idp.access-ci.org is published by InCommon and can be downloaded using the Metadata Query (MDQ) Service from https://mdq.incommon.org/entities/https%3A%2F%2Faccess-ci.org%2Fidp . Alternatively, you can download the metadata from https://identity.access-ci.org/access-metadata.xml and configure it in a local file.


Applications previously relying on username@xsede.org values from idp.xsede.org should migrate to username@access-ci.org values from idp.access-ci.org.