COmanage Web Interface

ACCESS uses CILogon COmanage for OpenID Connect (OIDC) web application registration and management. Please contact (Subject: ACCESS OIDC client management) to request an invitation. In your email message, please specify your ACCESS affiliation:

  • RAMPS (Track 1)
  • MATCH (Track 2)
  • CONECT (Track 3)
  • MMS (Track 4)
  • OpenCI (ACO)
  • Service Provider

You will receive an email with a link to register for CILogon COmanage. During the enrollment flow, we suggest you authenticate with your institutional/university identity provider (IdP) rather than the ACCESS CI IdP.

After you have registered with CILogon COmanage, see COmanage OIDC Clients for information on registering and managing OIDC clients.

When registering your client, we recommend selecting “Use a Named Configuration” then choosing “ACCESS OIDC client configuration v1”. This configuration causes the ACCESS ID with to be returned as the OIDC sub claim in the id_token. To use this configuration, be sure to configure your client to request the following scopes: openid, email, profile, org.cilogon.userinfo

To update your client registration later, visit and log in using the institutional/university identity provider (IdP) that you previously used for enrollment. Select “OIDC Clients” from the left menu, then click the “Edit” button next to the client ID of the client configuration you wish to change. If you do not see the “OIDC Clients” menu item, please contact


See for developer recommendations when integrating with ACCESS identity management services.

See for details on CILogon’s support for OpenID Connect applications.

See for information about CILogon COmanage OpenID Connect (OIDC) clients.

See for information about using the ACCESS IdP for authentication.